#1. How much muscle mass can you gain in the first course?

It is during the initial course that the most noticeable increase in muscle mass will be observed when taking the optimal recommended dosages. Growth rates depend on the characteristics of a particular person. Sometimes the weight gain is up to 8 kilograms or more ( with a course of one and a half to two months ). Part of the mass can be added by water, but usually the dry mass is at least 4-6 kg .

# 2. Is the gain in mass from anabolic steroids temporary?

Taking steroids can help you reach the genetic limit of muscle growth faster. If you continue to train correctly, you can constantly maintain the mass at the achieved level. Therefore, we can assume that this weight gain is not temporary.

Since extremely high weight cannot be maintained for a long time without repeated courses of anabolic steroids, only their regular intake will allow further exceeding the genetic limit for muscle growth. As soon as the intake of drugs is over, the body will strive to return the metabolism to its original level, and in this sense, the muscle mass that appears is not constant .

Steroids alter muscle physiology by increasing the number of cell nuclei. This feature allows muscle cells to grow in size faster. Even after a break in training and in taking anabolic steroids, the nuclei are preserved. This allows you to gain weight in the future faster than if steroids had never been used before. That is, the action of anabolic steroids “is maintained and extended over time.”

# 3. Can You Become Like a Professional Bodybuilder Using Steroids?

If the genetic characteristics suggest good muscle growth, then this is possible, but subject to constant hard training and effort. A normal average physique will not achieve this effect. Thus it will be possible to look sporty, but still not like the “chemists”.

#4. How great is the danger of a separate course in "chemistry"?

When taken for a short time, anabolic steroids will be relatively safe. During a single course, side effects (a decrease in the level of low-density lipoproteins, fluctuations in blood pressure, an increase in blood clotting ) will not have time to appear. True, several deaths from liver cancer and stroke were recorded among athletes, but these are isolated facts against the background of millions of bodybuilders.

#5. Is long-term steroid use really dangerous?

Long-term use of anabolic steroids without a specific prescription can have dire health consequences. Abuse of anabolic steroids provokes the occurrence of heart and vascular diseases or stimulates the development of existing ones . The deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of large heart vessels is accelerated, and this can lead to heart attack or stroke. These diseases rank first among the causes of death in men.

However, steroids do not act as a direct cause of illness or death, but are only a concomitant factor that can give rise to the development of the disease. Therefore, it is impossible to establish exactly how strong the effect steroids had on health in the event of death in an athlete-“chemist” with a long experience.

If an athlete intends to use anabolic steroids for several years, then he needs to monitor the state of the cardiovascular system with special care and attention.

# 6. Can steroids be used to safely improve athletic performance?

Long-term non-medical use of steroids cannot be called absolutely safe, nevertheless, such use is acceptable and often used among athletes. In this case, it is important to know how to reduce their negative impact on the body. These methods include a competent approach to the choice of drugs, the duration of their use and dosages, the desire to adhere to a proper diet with low sugar, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, active training, and the use of drugs that control cholesterol in the body. If a person follows these rules, then the risk from prolonged use of steroids will be minimal .

# 7. What steroids are considered safe for men?

The safest drug in this group is testosterone. When using average moderate dosages of 200-400 mg per week, the risks of negative changes in the state of the cardiovascular system will be insignificant. The estrogenic activity of the drug is beneficial for the vascular system of men. Injectables – methenolone, nandrolone, boldenone – will be relatively harmless to use.

#8. What anabolic steroids will not cause hair loss?

The tendency to baldness can be genetically determined, in which case any anabolic steroids will amplify hair loss. The use of drugs with low androgenic activity will help to delay the onset of this process a little. Oxandrolone, nandrolone, methenolone are suitable here. It is permissible to use testosterone in moderate dosages in conjunction with finasteride. This known drug will inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which contributes to hair loss

#9. Which steroids are safe for women?

For the female body, the most dangerous virilizing effect of anabolic steroids. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, steroids with low androgenic activity must be used . These drugs include methenolone, oxandrolone, nandrolone. It is necessary to monitor the slightest manifestations of masculinization and take the necessary measures, since absolutely all anabolic steroids are male hormones.

#10. Do I need to periodically change anabolic steroids to "clear" receptors?

This is not required because anabolic steroids bind and activate these very same receptors. Therefore, changing the drug will not bring any changes in receptor stimulation. If resistance to any steroid has developed, then this will apply to all other drugs. Suspension of the effectiveness of the steroid drug, known as the “plateau effect”, manifests itself after one and a half to two months from the start of the administration for any course . Perhaps this process includes a metabolic border that is present in muscle cells while taking anabolic steroids.

#11. What do the numbers of androgenic and anabolic activity mean in the characteristics of each drug?

These values ​​show the ratio of anabolic to androgenic action. These figures are rather relative and are not used as an absolute indicator. They were obtained from early studies that determined the degree of effect of anabolic steroids on organs and tissues of animals, most often mice.

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